Invention Revolutionizes Scissors Sharpening Industry



The all new Diamond Rose Superior Sharpening System

In the past, there have only been two options when getting your scissors sharpened. The first was the "flat hone," commonly referred to as water honing.

The water honing method is able to match the convex edge found on most styling shears, but it straightens the radius. This is why the first time you get a new pair of scissors sharpened, they cut, but not like they did when new. They have a tendency to "push" the hair because the radius was not maintained to factory specifications.

The second method is the grinder. This has been the method of choice by most scissors sharpeners because of its lower price.

While the grinder works well for low end barber style scissors, dog grooming scissors and fabric scissors, it ruins the Japanese style hair cutting shear with it's convex edge. There is no way you can put a blade against the grinding wheel's convex edge and get a convex edge on the scissors blade. Physics says a convex surface will create the opposite - a concave surface. So at very best, if you use a grinder you will destroy the convex edge and leave a "bevel" edge on the shear. A bevel edge while it may be sharp, will have a tendency to "pull" or "tear" the hair when you try to slide cut.

With the invention of the Diamond Rose Superior Sharpening System there is now an alternative choice. You can have your scissors returned to factory new cutting conditions.

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Diamond Rose Shears is the home of the Diamond Rose Shears Superior Sharpening System and fine Musashi Shears. WL Laney invented the Diamond Rose Scissors Sharpening System after searching for a sharpener that would return hair styling scissors to their factory new cutting condition and finding there was nothing available. The existing sharpening machines either destroyed the convex edge along with the 800 millimeter radius, or maintained the convex edge but straightened the radius.

Since necessity is the mother of invention, WL set about to develop a machine that could match factory specification on the most popular style hair dressing scissors, the Japanese shear with its hollow ground blade featuring a convex cutting edge and an 800 millimeter radius designed to hold the hair in place as the stylist cuts the hair.

Patent Approved. In October of 2006, the Diamond Rose Shears Superior Sharpening System was issued a patent by the United States Patent Office. The patent is very broad in its coverage of the sharpening machine and its ability to match the convex or bevel edge while maintaining or even restoring the 800 millimeter radius.